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Policies and Procedures

Please read through these guidelines entirely before coming to campus.  Important points include:
  • Only 1 parent per child is permitted on campus (please leave siblings at home if at all possible).
  • Please enter through the gate by the library/office.
  • Students and parents must complete safety checks prior to entering campus and must wear a mask at all times while on campus. 
  • Tables will be set up in the hallway or patio area in front of classroom for you to pick up your child’s materials. They will be clearly labeled with their name. 
  • Please use restrooms prior to entering campus. We only have one set of restrooms available for student/visitor use by the Multipurpose room.
The school requests that appointments for students be scheduled after school, or on Wednesday afternoons. If you must pick up your child during the school day, please come to the office, sign your child out in the logbook, and the office will call the classroom to send your child to the office. Upon the child’s return to school, please sign in your child in the logbook in the office.

Arrival and Drop off
The beginning and end of the day are very critical times for teachers.Teachers cannot visit or conference with a parent at these times unless it has been arranged to do so. Please email your child’s teacher to arrange a meeting.

Drop Off and Pick Up
  1. Drop off your child in the drop-off/pick-up zone only.
  2. Always pull up to the front of the line. Do not stop in the middle of the line.
  3. Five cars will pull up to the drop-off/pick-up zone and unload. The line will not move forward until all car doors are closed and the safety patrol signals you forward to exit, all at the same time.
  4. Do not leave your car unattended in the drop-off/pick-up zone.
  5. Do not drop off your child in the following areas: all red zones, the School and Sam Trans bus zone, and driveways.
  6. Do not drop off your child on Belle Avenue while waiting in line.
  • Pick up your child in the drop-off/pick-up zone only.
  • Always pull up to the front of the line. Do not stop in the middle of the line.
  • Five cars will pull up to the drop-off/pick-up zone and load. If your child is not read to be picked up, you will be motioned to move forward, and return to the back of the line. The line will not move forward until all car doors are closed and the safety patrol signals you forward to exit, all at the same time.
  • Drivers need to remind their children to be alert and ready to be picked up.
  • Do not leave your car unattended in the drop-off/pick-up zone.
  • Do not pick-up your child in the following areas: all red zones, the School and Sam Trans bus zone, and driveways.
  • Do not pick-up your child on Belle Avenue until you have entered the Drop-off/Pick-up Zone.
Always use crosswalks to cross the street. Do not cross in the middle of the street! With everyone’s help and cooperation we can make this a success. Our children’s safety is our first priority.

It is critical that your child arrives on time and ready for school each day. Unexcused absences and tardiness will be subject to official notification based on our district’s absence/tardy policy. Instruction begins at 8:25am, which means students should be in their class by the late bell that rings at 8:25am. The gates to the school will be closed as soon as the 8:25am bell sounds. If you arrive after the bell rings at 8:25am, we kindly ask that you enter through the front office and check-in with the school secretary.

Behavior Standards and Expectations:
  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
Our school has high behavioral expectations for everyone who is a part of our learning community. The school has an extensive behavior support system in place that works to support safe, respectful and responsible behavior on our campus.

When students consistently display unsatisfactory citizenship, they will lose privileges and/or be required to attend a conference with school personnel and parents. Parents will be notified if their child’s behavior is disruptive to learning or compromises the safety of others. Serious offenses may result in school suspension. A copy of the Education Code sections relating to school discipline may be obtained in the office.

No Dogs
Dogs are not allowed on campus at any time. If you walk your dog to school while dropping off or picking up your child, the school asks that you respect our walkways and not block the sidewalk or entrance ways people utilize to get to and from campus.

Emergency/Disaster Preparedness
Brittan Acres has emergency/safety plans to ensure the safety of the students and adults. Brittan Acres has a well-stocked emergency shed, including water, food, and medical supplies. Additionally, the campus is connected by emergency radio with the SCSD district office, and the other school campuses for coordination purposes. Brittan Acres staff coordinates regular emergency drills so that all students and adults are trained to respond to an emergency. Each classroom is outfitted with an emergency backpack which accompanies the class on field trips and out to the yard during drills. We follow the Big 5 County Emergency Response Protocol.

Please be familiar with the terms we use to communicate about emergencies: Summary of the Big 5.

In the event of a significant emergency, parents will receive a phone call and email from our emergency broadcast system. Parents also may opt-in to receive a text message during the annual Infosnap registration process. Please do not try to call the school office during an emergency.

If you need to update your child’s emergency contact information, you may do so via the annual Infosnap process or by contacting the school office at 650-508-7307 or

Illness or Injury
If your child is ill, please call the office by 8:30am and give your child’s name, room number and teacher’s name. If the school office has not heard from you by 10am, you will be called to verify the absence.
  • When a child has a contagious disease (strep, pink eye, flu, lice, etc.) please notify the school immediately so that an exposure notice can be distributed.
  • A child with a fever must have a normal temperature for 24 hours (without the use of fever-reducing medications such as Tylenol) before returning to school.
  • If a child is out of school due to an illness for more than five consecutive days, please provide a doctor’s note upon their return.
    If your child is sick and absent from school, please be aware that she/he may not attend any school-based activities.
  • Please inform the office of injuries so that we can partner with you to support a comfortable school day for your child. Students with special medical conditions or physical injuries that impact participation in P.E. must have a note brought to the office indicating what the student can and cannot do.
Lost and Found
The lost and found cart is located in the hallway in front of the library. Please check often for lost items.

Medications can only be administered if the office has a written statement by a physician on file, and the details of the administration are on the original pharmacy bottle. A note from a parent does not suffice. Even over-the-counter medications such as aspirin, cold remedies, ibuprofen, etc, are considered medications and these procedures must be followed.

Personal Items
Personal toys, technology, fidget spinners, balls or games are not allowed except with permission from the student’s teacher. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Technology Policy
All students are expected to handle school equipment with care and respect. Technology provides important educational tools, and also requires oversight. Strong software filters and teacher/staff supervision will be in place during Internet use. All student technology shall be turned off while on campus and use is not allowed, except with staff permission. Inappropriate use or handling of technology equipment while on campus or field excursions may elicit disciplinary action. If you have questions about this, please refer to the District’s Board Policy on Student Use of Technology or speak with your child’s teacher.

All visitors/volunteers are required to check in and out at the office during school hours and wear a visitor badge while on campus. Visitors requesting to observe in a classroom must coordinate the observation in advance with the school principal so that we can arrange for a staff member to accompany the visitor. Observations typically are scheduled for 1 hour or less.

Wheels on Campus
Please walk your wheels on campus.