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How We Learn P-3 (Preschool-3rd grade)

Brittan Acres is supported by the leadership of both a forward-thinking School Board and a progressive district office. The board, the district, and the school are all committed to implementing a bold Strategic Plan aimed at developing our students to their greatest potential, and cultivating their fluency in the 5Cs: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Communication, Collaboration, Citizenship (global and local), and Creativity & Innovation.

At BA, our mission is to nurture primary-age learners by providing a range of hands-on experiences and opportunities for exploration. Our students are developing in a variety of rates across all areas of development: social, emotional, physical and cognitive. BA teachers honor each child’s unique development by celebrating progress and personalizing learning.

In all areas of the curriculum, students learn individually, in small groups, in whole class lessons, and in collaborative partnership– across classrooms and grade levels.

Active Learners

In this stage of their lives, children are active learners. During these primary years, students master foundational skills in reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies, applying skills in meaningful ways to create and share new ideas. The arts, physical education, and outdoor learning are central to educating the whole child. Our teachers and programs, and especially our BUGS activities foster environmental stewardship and a connection to nature.

Project Based Learning

Young children are deeply curious, full of questions about the world around them. At Brittan Acres we strive to harness this zest for learning by devoting significant time to student-driven projects for which children develop a driving question, actively research, and then share high quality work with a public audience. Across the curriculum, learning experiences are designed to help children see themselves as capable problem solvers, makers, and innovators.

Social and Emotional Learning

Our preschool – 3rd grade students are emerging as leaders in their school, contributing to our community of kindness, caring, and learning. Socially and emotionally, they are learning how to communicate needs and express opinions. Opportunities to develop self-efficacy by making choices, and navigating conflict during play and “tinkering time,” are an essential part of the school day. They solve problems, resolve conflicts, and help teammates, while considering the perspectives of others. Children at this age learn social skills from observation, explicit instruction, through guided practice, and by trial and error. Our staff teaches and models the kinds of social and emotional behavior we expect children to exhibit, and we hold them accountable to make good choices and learn from their mistakes. We teach growth mindset to help students understand that their talents, skills, and abilities can be developed through effort and perseverance.