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School Counseling

 Meet your school counselor:  Kim Arasato


Kim Arasato, Brittan Acres School Counselor, has many roles including:

  • Visiting all classrooms weekly to teach social and emotional learning skills through two SEL curriculum's: Second Step and Kelso’s Choice. Through Second Step, students learn about rules for the classroom and playground, feelings and emotions, self-regulation skills and problem solving skills.  Through Kelso’s Choice, students learn how to solve their own small problems by using 9 different choices listed on charts throughout the school community.
  • Supporting students on the playground through joining in games and conflict resolution/Kelso’s Choice.
  • Consulting with parents and teachers for student’s social and emotional support.
  • Presenting Kimochi’s Curriculum to our TK and Kindergarten students.
  • Facilitating small group sessions. The purpose of each group is to provide a focused, positive, and supportive environment in which specific needs are taught such as: Friendship Skills, Self Esteem/Assertiveness, Social Thinking Skills, Anxiety, Emotion Management, Changing Families/Divorce, New Students, and Grief.  
  • Parent permission and Teacher Approval is required for participation in small groups. 
  • Providing referrals and resources for families needing further support.

Parents are welcome to contact Ms. Arasato by email or through the school office. 

Kim Arasato
School Counselor, PPSC, M.Ed
Brittan Acres Elementary School
Office hours 8:00-3:00 M, T, W, F
Phone: 650-508-7307


Growth Mindset is so important in helping your child understand what it means to FAIL:  First Attempt In Learning.  


Failure is a goal to helping your brain grow and staying open minded about a child's ability to learn.  We use the word YET to mean, we are still working and exercising our brain and have not mastered it YET.  Growth Mindset is more important than intellect alone and will help your child become more successful in life.