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School Counseling

 Meet your school counselor:  Kim Arasato

Kim Arasato

Ms. Arasato, our School Counselor has many roles at Brittan Acres School, including:

  • Supporting students on the playground through conflict resolution using our Kelso’s Choice Program.
  • Consulting with parents and teachers to help with social and emotional concerns.
  • Facilitating small group sessions for students on special topics such as social skills, coping skills, changing families/divorce, self-esteem, and emotional regulation. Parent permission and teacher approval are required for small group participation.
  • Teaching our Safety Child Protection Unit using Second Step.
  • Teaching Kelso’s Choice and Zones of Regulations Curriculum
  • Short term one on one student counseling
  • Coordinating the school-wide kindness week challenge.
  • Providing referrals and resources for students and families needing extra support.


Parents are welcome to contact Ms. Arasato by email or through the school office.


Kimberly Arasato                                                                                            
[email protected]                                                                                                          
School Counselor, MEd, PPSC                                                                                             
Brittan Acres Elementary School                                                                                        
Brittan Acres Office Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays

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Parent Resources


  • Care Solace is a free, confidential service that connects students, families, and staff from the San Carlos School District to mental health or substance abuse services. Click the link or call (888) 515-0595 to get started.