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Full STEAM Ahead BA!


NEW for 2019-2020 Brittan Acres is launching a STEAM program! STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics to prepare students to think both critically and creatively. STEAM  teaches skills and subjects in a way that aligns with the way we work and problem solve in our daily lives.

  • STEAM is taught by our amazing BA Teachers
  • 100% funded by your donations to the PTA and SCEF principal funds
  • Students will study one topic for a period of 6-12 weeks, then rotate
  • STEAM sessions run for 45-75 minutes EACH week
  • Content designed to complement and enhance grade-level core curriculum
  • Parent volunteers needed to support most topics.
  • Specific Volunteer Need: We need weekly volunteers to sort the Legos boxes for approx. 30-40 minutes for Ms. Corea's  STEAM  Lego classes.  You can volunteer anytime during school hours Monday - Wednesday, before the Thursday Lego sessions.  Please come to Room 20! Sign Up here!
Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is BA piloting a new program? 

This program answers the call from our parent community for STEAM offerings. Brittan Acres is taking a fresh approach in order to bring a diverse menu of STEAM topics to our students, while also solving existing staffing, scheduling, funding and volunteer constraints that threatened to drastically reduce or eliminate these programs. Many of our valued programs such as BUGS, Art, MakerSpace and Dance, have been reimagined and incorporated into our new broader STEAM program. Existing programs such as Music for Minors, Library and PE will remain in weekly schedules.


Who’s going to teach?
Our amazing BA teachers!

Love it...will you still need volunteers in the classroom?
YES!  Volunteers are essential and necessary to support most topics. how does volunteering work?
Parent volunteers sign up for the specific dates and topics they wish to help with, and have an option to follow their child through the rotations or to focus on a specific topic.  Or both!  

What is the time commitment?
The program requires weekly volunteers.  Volunteers will be able to sign up for specific dates and topics.  Volunteers can help as often as their schedule allows - help a little or help a lot!

Do I need to be a subject matter expert?
No!  Previous experience is NOT required. However, if you have an expertise or passion, you are welcome to focus your volunteerism on a specific topic.

I’m IN… what’s next?

PICK YOUR SPECIFIC VOLUNTEER DATES & SIGN UP AT THESE LINKS.  As of right now, there are weekly volunteer opportunities in some, but not all, of the STEAM topics. As our pilot program develops and progresses, the needs of the different topics may change, and there may be additional volunteer opportunities.  If so, we will adjust the signup accordingly and notify parents.


I want to volunteer, but my schedule won’t allow me to be in the classroom.  Are there other ways to contribute?
Absolutely! This program requires “behind the scenes” volunteers.  Please go to: for a list of opportunities.  

I love this program, but am not able to volunteer.  How can I still support STEAM?
This program is funded by PTA and SCEF Principal Funds and cannot happen without your financial support.  Visit the Brittan Acres website to donate today!

I’ve got some other questions...who can I contact?
Please contact:


Mindfulness & Movement: Students will use mindfulness and movement to nurture inner peace, improve the quality of exercise, and enhance focus, self-confidence, and social skills. Mindfulness practices are useful for all people, regardless of their spiritual or religious backgrounds or beliefs. It's a human experience that utilizes awareness and compassion that is within us all.

Glee with Lee: Students will learn to sing songs with gestures, sign language, and movement. The session culminates with a performance.

Better Understanding Garden Science (BUGS): Nature is Nurture! Students study how living organisms use the resources in their habitats to meet their biological needs. In the garden, they learn how to use tools properly to transplant, sow seeds, harvest, and prepare food. 

Tinkerspace: Playing is learning!  Think. Make. Try. Students will engage in hands-on activities to foster creativity, exploration, and collaboration. Students will be introduced to design thinking and learn the skills necessary to be successful in future MakerSpace sessions.


Puzzling Puzzles (Tangrams): Using tangrams, an ancient Chinese puzzle, students will explore geometry, spatial reasoning, and critical thinking. They will learn to both collaborate and work alone to solve multi-leveled puzzles. Creative writing and art will be integrated into the tangram explorations.

¡Uno, Dos, Tres, Vamos!: Students will learn basic conversational Spanish and vocabulary through story and song. They will also learn about culture, food, and traditions.

Engineering is Elementary: Students will engage in engineering design challenges created by the Museum of Science in Boston.  They will solve real world problems using a 5-Step Process: (1) Ask (2) Imagine (3) Plan (4) Create (5) Improve.

We ❤️ Art!: Students will engage in an array of artistic activities. They will use a variety of materials--oil pastels, paint, collage, and more--to create works of art. The session culminates in a tea party celebration with parents.


LEGO Lab: Student engineers will use math and science to build and program working robots with LEGO motors and sensors.

Art Through the Ages: From cave drawings to cubism, students will discover and explore how artists have expressed the world around them.

Better Understanding Garden Science (BUGS): Students will research the biodiversity of species in the schoolyard and local community, including trees, birds, and insects. They will design and conduct experiments to test the effects of water, light, compost, and fertilizer on crop production.

Lights. Camera. Improv: Students will learn basic acting technique, including character, relationship, objectives, and tactics through improvisation.  They will play games that exercise the mind, body, and funny bone!


Better Understanding of Garden Science (BUGS): Students will further their understanding of the interdependence between all of the earth's living things as they grow into 3rd grade BUGS students. They will study local flora and fauna, life cycles, and more!

Knitty Gritty: Students will learn to make something with their hands! They will expand their growth mindset and perseverance as they learn to knit.

Movin' and Groovin': Students will stretch, play movement games, and learn fun choreography, broken down into simple steps, set to groovy music.

MakerSpace: Imagine it, design it, and make it! Students will work collaboratively to build projects using a variety of tools and materials, tapping into their creativity and critical thinking skills.