Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to build community while supporting our students. There are a lot of options - some bigger and some smaller - some during school hours and many that can be done from home.  If your family volunteers just 15 hours per year, you help ensure that every student in our school gets to enjoy the full breadth of activities we have to offer.

PTA Programs and Events

Brittan Acres offers a wide variety of student programs and events. Please see the Brittan Acres Volunteer Flyer to learn more about all the activities your children can enjoy and where you can volunteer.

PTA Roles
Sign up to get involved in a PTA role - Volunteer Here

Classroom Specific Sign ups
Sign up to get involved in your child’s classroom - Volunteer Here

Shutterfly Sites
Visit your child’s classroom Shutterfly Site for additional opportunities.


Upcoming Events Volunteer Signups