SCEF Day is November 30th!

Our San Carlos schools are fortunate to have parents engage on so many levels including volunteering on campus and/or contributing financially to supplement our budget.  These supplemental funds help bridge the gap between what our students need for a well-rounded education and what the state provides.

This year, SCEF and our Brittan Acres’ PTA have consolidated fundraising. This means that in addition to the community funds raised to support smaller K-3 class sizes and educator positions, SCEF is also raising funds to support our school PTA where funds will be administered by our PTA parent volunteers.  Together these funds support librarians, counselors, technology associates, PE, field trips and music programs.  And now, by including PTA - they also provide each teacher with a classroom grant, support community building events and programs, school assemblies and school supplies. This year, our school will benefit from this generosity by purchasing upgraded document cameras to increase visual support for all learners. We also are able to continue our Book of the Month Book Club which supports  our work in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging and ensure that our classroom libraries are well stocked with inclusive books that reflect our diverse community of learners. 

The support we receive from you via the San Carlos Education Foundation is critical to our focus on the whole-child.  SCEF makes it easy to donate at levels that are best suited to your family.  Please visit their website,, to learn about the many ways you can contribute during the year.