Update from Principal Fast

Dear Families -

As we all begin to process this disruption to our daily routines, I hope you find comfort in the small, sometimes overlooked, fortunes we have in our lives. This is a rare opportunity to spend time with our families that we would not, in other circumstances, be able to have. Though we may be feeling stress and anxiety, it is important to help our children process this change as well. This article focuses on how we can use family values to help guide conversations with children.  Our school psychologist has also shared another resource you might find helpful when talking to your kids.  

Brittan Acres campus and playground are now closed. We will only be open for staff and limited services only. Please remember that children are being asked to stay home because we are doing what we can to practice social distancing. This article reminds us of the importance of continuing this practice at home. It is also helpful to set up a routine that mimics a typical school day. This is a good resource that discusses how to create a learning environment at home. 

I first and foremost want to thank all of you for your patience as we figure out how to make some big changes.This week you will continue to receive a great deal of information from the district and our school. While our staff work on finalizing the plans, I encourage you to read, write in a journal, and practice math facts with your child. Teachers sent home materials on Friday but please don’t begin working on these until you hear from your child’s teacher with the plan for how to use them. If your child was not at school on Friday, I will  be sending an announcement with times for you to pick-up these materials for your child. We are all in this together and I thank you for your understanding as we work to provide you with the tools students will need to continue their learning. I am here to answer your questions along the way. 

Please stay safe and healthy,

Suzanne Fast, Principal